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10 Common Myths about HEPA Air Filter/Purifier Systems

High Efficiency Particle Air, known as HEPA, is an efficiency standard for air filters. A HEPA filtration system for the whole home is used to combat indoor air pollution. The same technology used in hospitals and laboratories to control airborne particles can be used to help cleanse and purify your home.

In recent years, HEPA filtering systems have become a popular addition to homes and businesses. This has caused a number of misconceptions about the use of these systems. Below, we look at the top 10 common myths about HEPA filters/purifiers.

HEPA Filters Capture Only Particles Larger Than 0.3 Microns

Airborne dust particles range from very small to large. A whole house HEPA filter system does capture particles of all sizes, even those smaller than 0.3 microns. To put it in perspective, a micron measures 1/1,000 mm, or 1/25,000 of an inch. The naked eye can only see airborne particles that measure no less than 25 microns.

HEPA Filters Use “Old Technology”

For those in the business, this myth can cause a chuckle. HEPA filter technology was first introduced in the 1940s. Critics often cite this as the reason why HEPA systems may not produce effective results.

The sound technology of decades past is the reason HEPA systems are guaranteed to work. Over the years the technology has improved as new configurations have been developed. To keep with the times, and demand, HEPA systems also work as an air purifier with the addition of carbon filters.

Air Purifiers Are Unnecessary in Rooms with Air Conditioning

A residential HEPA filtration system is still required in rooms with air conditioning or homes with central air output. Newer air conditioner models have filters to prevent airborne dust particles from entering the machine, but those filters do little to purify the indoor air.

Older air conditioners can increase the amount of dust particles in the air. The inside of an air conditioner is a breeding ground for mould, not to mention to recycles the same air it intakes in the room.

Breathing Issues Will Be Solved with Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can help with respiratory issues caused by airborne particles as seen with allergy and asthma symptoms. They are not a cure for the health condition, nor do they magically alleviate all symptoms, though.

Superior air purifying systems with HEPA filters can help to remove up to 99.95% of airborne particles known as bacteria, mould, pollen, and dust. With any form of respiratory illness, any improvement can help.

An Antibacterial Coating Is Required for a HEPA Filter

The fibers within a HEPA filter do not need specialized coatings of antibacterial or other bacterial-fighting substances. A HEPA filter is designed to trap airborne particles. Constructed of cellulose and synthetic or glass fibers, the filter has an inner crisscross or accordion-shape design.

Airborne pathogens include biological particles and can be categorized as alive or dead bacteria and viruses. HEPA systems work without the need of an antimicrobial finish to combat both forms of particles.

HEPA Air Filters Are Effective Against Odours

Portable HEPA filtration systems can be used in any room of the home. Despite the innovative technology, an air filter alone cannot absorb odours or gases that cause foul smells.

An effective filtering system requires an activated carbon filter to deal with odours. A top-quality HEPA system can work to filter airborne particles and bad smells. Any such system that appears not to be working may need the carbon filter exchanged.

Air Purifiers Are Used to Remove Tobacco Smoke

Whether the filtering system is marketed as a portable air filter for home use or a deluxe HEPA system, tobacco smoke will still be detected with any indoor tobacco use. The particles emitted into the air from the smoke will be trapped within the filtering system.

It should be noted there are specially designed filtering systems that will remove the odour of tobacco smoke. Using a carbon-based filter may help to alleviate some odours.

All Purifiers Are Same

When it comes to whole home air purifiers in Canada, not all systems are the same. From the size to the technology, air filtering systems can range from low-scale models to deluxe systems. Naturally, the more exclusive, the higher the cost.

Each level of the available HEPA filtering systems has its own advantages and effectiveness. For home settings, a system with an activated carbon filter will assist in most situations.

All Windows Must Be Closed for the Air Purifier to Operate

Windows are generally left open to “air” out rooms. Although the outdoor air contains airborne pollutants, the amount is less than found inside in most homes. Having the windows open while running the HEPA filtering system may cause the system to work harder.

It is recommended to open windows as needed as it will not have any effect on the workings of the HEPA system. The only discrepancy would be if there were nearby active wildfires or an outdoor poor air quality alert.

With an Air Purifier, You Don’t Need to Dust Furniture

This myth needs a considerable thought as perspective is everything. Filtering systems trap the dust and debris that was once on a flat surface as these particles can be stirred through the air.

The air filtering systems are designed to trap the airborne particles, not the dust that has landed on surfaces. While different HEPA systems are capable of varying degrees of filtering, to date there has yet to be one designed to lift the dust and debris particles.

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