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8 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Water Filtration System

Since water is one of the essential factors of living, having good quality water to drink is crucial. Many homeowners may choose to install a water filtration system, whether it’s because they have alkaline water or because their main water source is a well. While most cities have their own water treatment solutions in Ontario, not all of the pathogens and bacteria are filtered before flowing into your home.

The water treatment systems can only remove a fraction of the microorganisms. The same is seen with water purification plants that produce bottled water.

This is why it is crucial to have a top-quality water purification and filtration system in your home. While modernized residential water purification systems provide alarms to indicate an issue, there are also several warning signs you might notice. If you notice any of these signs below, it may be time to replace the whole home’s water filter system.

Change in Water Taste

One of the obvious signs of a water filtration problem can be a distinct bad taste in your tap water. Fortunately, in most cases, a change of the water filters can quickly solve the problem. A filter filled with impurities cannot function efficiently and can have an adverse effect on the drinking water.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, the whole house hard water filtration system may be to blame. Hard water contains more minerals and metals that can alter the taste of water. If the water softener system is the culprit, then it is time to replace the home water system.

Odour from the Water

A more apparent sign that your filter may need to be replaced is the smell of rotten eggs when running the tap water. This is an indication of sulfur and, while not hazardous, it does require immediate attention. In minor cases, changing the water filter on the purification system can alleviate the smell. In others, the entire filtration system needs attention.

If the odour is one of chlorine, a sweetness, or a pungent fish smell, this could be caused by buildup of mineral and bacteria contaminants, which if left untreated, can be bad for your physical health.

Slow Water Filtering Speed

Contaminants can build up in the water filtration system and slow down the rate of the water flow. Clogging of the filters can require a filter replacement. Without proper filtration, a home water system can become damaged from the minerals and bacteria that can cause hard water.

As buildup occurs, the flow of water pressure decreases. This is often seen whens calcium and other minerals begin to clog the filtration and softening systems as well as the house water pipes. It is more cost-effective to change the water systems than to dig up plugged or broken pipes.

Odd Noises

The flow of water through the pipes can make odd noises but if the sounds seem to be coming from the faucet, it may be the home water filter system. When a water filter is replaced, there can be a strange sound with the first few uses. It should disappear after a short time.

This also holds true after installing or replacing a whole home water filtration system. Constant strange noises or sounds may indicate the system is not properly functioning or has not been properly installed. Be sure to have a professional maintenance check done to ensure no repairs are necessary.

Spots of Hard Water in Your Home

A properly working water filtration system should not leave hard water spots behind on dishes, shower doors, or drains and faucets. If a chalky white residue appears on any of these places, it is an indication the filtration and softener systems are failing.

This scale buildup forms due to minerals and metals such as calcium and magnesium. It causes hard water, which can damage to drains, pipes, and the filtration system over time.

A Large Amount of Water Is Being Consumed

If the water filters are being replaced more frequently than the manufacturer’s recommended number of months, water is being wasted. Even with a slower water flow, a poor filtration system can take more water to work, causing the home consumption of water to increase.

Aside from the cost of replacement filters, the energy consumption of the home will increase, causing utility bills to soar. And of course, there is the effect on the environment as the world tries to conserve water use.

Can’t Recall when You Last Changed It

Having a hard time remembering when the filter was last changed? It happens. Busy lives mean tasks are often overlooked. If the home’s water filtration system does not have an alarm or an automatic notification to indicate when it’s time to change the filter, a forgotten filter can cause further damage.

The buildup of minerals and sediments can call for an entire water softener and filtration system to be replaced.

The Filter Is Damaged

Lastly, whether a water filter hasn’t been changed for some time or it was slightly dented during cleaning or installation, the filter itself can be damaged. The delicate features of a water filter can affect the workings of a filtration system with even the smallest fracture.

Depending on the type and quality of the water filter, situations such as frozen water lines or the passing of hot water through the filter can also cause irreversible damage.

Replace Your Water Filter with a Whole Home Water Filter System

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