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Why Do You Need a Water Softener System in Your Office?

A water softener system is designed to remove harsh minerals from your water supply such as magnesium and calcium. Just as you want to purify your home water source, water softener systems for offices in Ontario are essential.

Healthwise, hard water can cause damage to skin cells in those with conditions such as eczema as it can change the pH levels. This can lead to susceptibility to infections and harmful bacteria. The damage of hard water content on your commercial plumbing and appliances can be seen with the buildup of limescale.

Let’s examine why a water softener system is right for your business.

Removes Waterborne Impurities

Tap water contains harmful chemicals and diseases. Most facilities are fortunate to have some form of water treatment provided by their local public water treatment plant. Alas, these industrial treatments only remove the impurities at their level. A water softener system can be installed at the point of water entry to the commercial building.

Hydration Options That Are Both Healthy and Tasty

A water treatment solution for the office offers a health incentive for employees by providing clean, good tasting water. As water is essential for life, make it part of your support to your team members and clientele to promote a healthy workspace.

Cost-Effective Solution for Clean Drinking Water

The mineral content of hard water is often the reason offices provide water coolers for employees and clientele. Having bottled water can take a bite out of the operating budget. Investing in a water softener system near Barrie can save your business money while promoting an eco-friendlier office environment.

Boosting Productivity

Can water boost productivity? Absolutely! Water is essential to the proper functioning and communication of our brain cells. Studies have shown the link between productivity and proper hydration.

Extend the Life of Your Appliances and Increase Their Efficiency

A water softener system can save your business money by safeguarding the efficiency and longevity of commercial appliances. With soft water, your plumbing, water-based heating, and cooling elements as well as the kitchenette appliances will not be affected by limescale.

Contact Georgian Water & Air for the Best Water Systems for Offices in the GTA

For comprehensive water softener products in Barrie, Ontario, visit the water specialists at Georgian Water & Air. We provide a variety of options including bottle-free water coolers, an advanced 7-stage water filtration system, and specialized water filters such as TOCC and SIM products that are designed for systems with problem water.

As a locally owned business, we understand and embrace the importance of providing excellent customer service with top quality products. Our exclusive product and service lines of water softening systems are supported by a 25-year performance and installation warranty. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business.