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What Causes Cloudy Water and How Do I Get Rid of It?

Whole home water filters are used to ensure your tap water is clear of sediments, chlorine, iron, and sulphur. Filters are required for homes with wells to prevent pathogens and bacteria from penetrating the water system. They can also be used if you have cloudy water.

Cloudy water tends to look milky and is usually caused by tiny air bubbles. This common phenomenon may dissipate after running the water for a few minutes or it may require further attention.

This article looks at the causes of cloudy water and how it can be permanently resolved with the use of whole-home water filters.

Causes of Cloudy Drinking Water at Home

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact cause of cloudy water, but there are some environmental factors that might be to blame. Keep reading to learn more about the top five reasons tap water can appear cloudy.

Air in the Drinking Water (Aeration)

If tiny bubbles can be seen in the cloudy or milky mixture, aeration is to blame. This occurs when the dissolved oxygen in water returns to its normal gaseous state. It may be surprising to see it with a glass of cold water as the lower temperature has the ability to hold oxygen without the need to release it.

Hard Water

A water softening system can also help with hard tap water. If you notice spots on your clean dishes, soap scum, or that the surface of your skin as extremely dry and flaky, these may be signs you have hard water. The buildup of limescale can occur in pipes and inside water heaters as the levels of magnesium and calcium increase. With tap water, hard water appears cloudy or milky without tiny air bubbles.

High Amount of Silt and Clay (Sediment)

If you notice floating particles in your water, high amounts of silt and clay might be the reason for your cloudy drinking water. Whole home water filters are used to remove the sediment and clay that can be found seeping into the home’s water system. These contaminants can be sourced in ground wells and from municipal water systems.

Contamination of Methane Gas

It is important to prevent the invasion of methane gas in the drinking water. In areas where oil and gas wells are located, methane contamination can be present. Although rare, this situation will cause the water to appear cloudy before the gas bubbles dissipate. It can become a hazard for your health and dangerous to your household since methane gas is flammable.

Cold Weather

Cold temperatures outside can cause an increase in the temperature of the water within the pipes. As cold water contains more air than warm water, the solubility of the air increases as the water temperature in the pipes decreases. The water temperature and an increase in the water pressure can cause cloudy water to appear.

Is Cloudy Water Safe to Drink?

With a whole home water conditioning system, tap water can be transformed into safe drinking water. If cloudy water has already been consumed with no ill effects, chances are it was caused by excessive air which is safe to drink.

For the most part, cloudy water can be safe to drink. To reduce the risk of contamination by pathogens, consider having the home water tested.

How Water Filtration Systems Can Help Solve Cloudy Water Issues

Water filters for home systems are designed to handle varying amounts of sediment, hard water, and common gases. A whole-house filtration system can be installed at the entry point of the water to the home to trap any sediment.

Having a water softening system can also reduce the levels of calcium and magnesium in the water, which are known to cause hard water. In extreme cases, both filtrating systems may be needed to produce clear safe drinking water.

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