Residential Water Purification Systems

Residential Water Purification Systems

The right residential water purification and softener system can significantly improve the quality of the water running through your home. Clean, fresh-tasting water that’s completely free of bleach, nitrogen, salts, metals, pesticides, herbicides, and harmful bacteria keeps your family healthy and hydrated at all times. Additionally, it also extends the lifecycle of your water-based home appliances such as your laundry machine and dishwasher and ensures that they’re functioning properly at all times while maximizing energy efficiency.

Common Residential Water Treatment Applications

Filtration, purification, and softener systems are among the most common residential water treatment applications in Ontario. From cooking to showering, handwashing, doing laundry, cleaning, and drinking, water plays an important role in your everyday life—probably more than you even realize. Oftentimes, people take for granted just how much water they use in a single day because it’s not something we think about until something goes wrong.

Georgian Air and Water provides state-of-the-art Point of Entry (POE) and Point of Use (POU) residential water purification systems that effectively filters out common contaminants that can be found in the local water supply for the health and well-being of your family.

Why Residential Water Purification Systems Are Necessary in Ontario

For the most part, the water provided by local water treatment plants in larger and densely populated communities across Ontario is perfectly safe to drink. Small, remote communities that consist of properties that predominantly use septic tanks are a different story and may require water filtration systems at all times.

In larger cities like Toronto, the main issue is water contamination that happens in the pipe framework that runs through residential properties. Water running through older homes that haven’t undergone proper maintenance such as having their pipes flushed in a long time poses a higher risk for the presence of chlorine and lead by-products. High exposure to, and consumption of, these elements is dangerous.

Our Residential Water Filtration Systems

Georgian Water and Air is committed to providing top-quality residential water filtration systems to improve the quality of the water you consume and use for everyday activities. We provide a wide range of technologically advanced, expertly engineered, and well-crafted residential water filtration systems that are capable of performing reverse osmosis, ultraviolet filtration, disinfection, and so much more.

Our exclusive 7-stage water filtration system has the capacity to effectively remove a variety of impurities from your drinking water, including microorganisms, fluoride, particulate matter, radioactive elements, colloidal matter, asbestos, and more.

Featuring a compact design that easily fits underneath your sink or cupboard, this incredibly unique water purification system can also reduce the Total Dissolved Solids content in your household water system, which improves the taste of your drinking water and effectively neutralizes any present odours.

Why Choose Georgian Water and Air for Your Residential Water Purification Needs?

In addition to our unparalleled expertise and high-quality residential water filtration systems, we at Georgian Water and Air take great pride in providing excellent end-to-end customer service. After completing a thorough inspection of your current water filtration system to determine points of improvement, we’ll make professional service and product recommendations based on our observations. We also offer expert installation and a comprehensive 25-year product and service warranty, which is all included in the quoted price. Contact us today to learn more or to book a consultation.