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8 Myths about Water Softening Systems

A number of myths and misconceptions about water softening systems have been floating around the Internet for a long time now. It’s gotten to the point where people are having a hard time distinguishing fact from fiction. In this article, we’ve corrected and debunked a lot of the misinformation that many people believe about residential water softener systems and how they work.

Myth #1: Water Softener Systems Add a Lot of Salt to Your Water

Water softeners only add trace amounts of sodium to your water and that’s because they run on water softening salts. But once the salts are completely dissolved in your water, the sodium content is so miniscule that it won’t have any impact on your diet whatsoever. Minerals like calcium and magnesium are what make your water hard. Water softeners remove these minerals in exchange for sodium ions. This isn’t the same type of salt that’s used to season food. It’s a much milder form that’s used to soften hard water and improve its overall performance throughout your home.

Myth #2: Water Softeners Are Just Glorified Purifiers

Some people think that water softeners and purifiers are the same things, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, water softeners are only designed to perform one function, which is to soften water through the process of ion exchange. Ion exchange involves removing water hardening minerals like calcium and magnesium and replacing them with small amounts of sodium instead.

Water purifiers, on the other hand, remove harmful contaminants through the process of reverse osmosis. If contamination is your issue, then you need to look into getting a good water filtration or purification system for your home.

Myth #3: Water Softening Systems Are Too Expensive to Operate

Water softening systems actually end up saving you money. Whatever upfront costs you pay for the unit and installation are more than made up for by the fact that they can help maximize the performance and energy efficiency of the water using appliances in your home. In the end, installing a water softener could actually end up saving you a lot of money on your energy bills by reducing your monthly expenditures by about 20% or more!

Myth #4: Soft Water Leaves a Residue on Your Skin and Hair

You may notice that showering with soft water makes your skin and hair feel softer and smoother. That’s because soft water thoroughly removes all of the stuck-on soap scum and shampoo residues that are typically left behind by hard water deposits. Prolonged hard water usage can actually dry out your skin and clog your pores. Moreover, it drains all of the natural moisture out of your skin and hair, leaving your hair looking lackluster and limp.

Showering with soft water actually helps improve your hair and skin health by thoroughly cleansing your body and allowing the natural oils in your skin to regenerate and do their job.

Myth #5: You Don’t Need a Water Softener if You Have City Water

Municipal and regional water treatment facilities are extremely well equipped when it comes to removing contaminants from local water supplies. But they fall short when it comes to water softening. There are a lot of individual factors that contribute to hard water in your home. Just because you have hard water, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your neighbours do too, which is why it’s a wise idea to invest in your own water softening system in Barrie and other parts of Ontario.

The source of your home’s water supply plays a huge factor in terms of the mineral content of your water. Groundwater tends to have a significantly higher mineral content that leads to hard water because it’s directly exposed to rocks and sediment underground. The further away you are from the nearest water treatment facility and the further the water has to travel to get to your home, the more likely it is to come into contact with hardening minerals along the way. Installing a water softening system picks up the slack of city water treatment facilities and helps save you a lot of money in the long run.

Myth #6: Water Softeners Remove Essential Minerals Your Body Needs

Yes, it’s true that water softeners remove and dispose of minerals like calcium and magnesium found in local water supplies. However, since these minerals are in their inorganic form when they’re in our tap water, they’re not necessarily safe for consumption. In this form, calcium and magnesium have the same effect on your internal organs as they do on your pipes and appliances. They can actually clog your intestines and cause serious damage over time. It’s better to get a more fortified version of calcium and magnesium through food than from your tap water.

Myth #7: Water Softeners Remove Harmful Bacteria and Viruses

This is another common misconception about water softeners that really need to be put to rest. As mentioned, water softeners aren’t designed to remove or kill harmful contaminants in water supplies. That’s what local water treatment facilities and filtration systems are for. Water softeners simply remove minerals like calcium and magnesium that cause hard water in exchange for sodium ions that soften the water.

Myth #8: Discharge from Water Softener Regeneration Damages Your Septic System or Drain

Water softeners capture and trap calcium and magnesium deposits in your home’s water supply. Once those minerals are filtered out, they need to be removed through a process known as water softener regeneration. Some people mistakenly believe that the process of disposing of these mineral deposits can damage your septic and draining system, but this theory was debunked in the late 1970s when scientists found no evidence to prove it to be true. In fact, they discovered that disposing of these minerals and releasing them back into nature could actually improve the quality of soil used for farming and vegetation.

Where to Get High-Quality Water Softener Products in Barrie, Ontario

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