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Alkaline Water Filter Systems for Homes

There are a lot of positive health claims currently being made about alkaline water. Purportedly, alkaline water can help enhance your health and wellness journey by balancing out your body’s pH levels and reducing the effects of oxidization. It also claims to be an excellent antioxidant and helps you stay better hydrated than regular tap water.

Whether you lead a healthy, active, or fairly sedentary lifestyle, alkaline water has a plethora of health benefits that can help improve your overall well-being. At Georgian Water and Air (GWA), we provide state-of-the-art alkaline water filters for the home that can transform regular tap water into highly beneficial alkaline water.

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What Is Alkaline Water?

pH measures the acidity levels of various substances—in this case, water. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14 with the former indicating high acidity and the latter indicating alkalinity. Regular tap water is usually measured at 7 on the pH scale, making it neutral. Alkaline water, on the other hand, measures at around 8 or 9. It also consists of alkaline minerals and what’s known as negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). ORP is water’s ability to neutralize acidity levels in the body and regulate antioxidant levels. Negative ORP values are higher in antioxidant properties and can have amazing health benefits.

For this reason, many consumers think it’s worth having an alkaline water filter system directly in their homes. At GWA, we make installation and usage easy. You can have your very own alkaline water purifier connected directly to your kitchen faucet for convenient access to clean and healthy ionized drinking water at all times.

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water?

Drinking 7 to 8 glasses of alkaline water per day has a lot of potential health benefits. But it’s important to slowly and methodically transition into this way of life to prevent a potential adverse initial reaction. If you don’t typically drink alkaline water, start by slowly incorporating it into your system so that your body can slowly get used to it. Since alkaline water neutralizes the acids in your stomach, avoid drinking it with food. Drink one glass about half an hour before each meal and 1.5 hours after.

drinking clean water from a glass

Here are the benefits of replacing regular drinking water with alkaline water:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Slows signs of aging
  • Improved digestion
  • Faster metabolism
  • Reduces bone loss
drinking clean water from a glass

Alkaline Water Filter Systems for the Home

At GWA, we offer a line of water purifiers and filtration systems that are designed to deliver clean and healthy drinking water directly to you and your family. Our advanced 7 stage water filtration system does the following:

  • Reduces the number of suspended particles such as dirt and sediments in water
  • Reduces chlorine, chloramines, and other water treatment plant by-products
  • Blocks carbon and reduces the presence of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and insecticides
  • The TFC membrane filters out TDS, heavy metals, germs, and miniscule impurities
  • The ceramic layer eliminates 99% of E.coli bacteria and salmonella
  • Adds healthy organic minerals to balance pH levels in water
  • The carbon block also reduces and absorbs odours for a clean and fresh taste

Water Treatment Solutions for Offices

Water coolers are a standard feature of conventional offices, and for good reason. They’re known as a common area for employees to gather and socialize on their breaks. You’ve probably heard the phrase “water cooler talk” many times before, and that’s because it’s common for coworkers to huddle around a fresh water source and enjoy some nice conversation while taking a break from work. Water has the ability to provide a needed break and a time of refreshment for you and your employees.

While it’s important to provide your employees with clean drinking water, it’s not the only reason water treatment solutions for offices matter. Water is also instrumental in a number of other workplace applications aside from staying hydrated — most notably, hand washing and making coffee or tea in the lunchroom, which often requires the use of tap water. In short, the water supply in your office matters. Whether it’s for a refreshing drink in the middle of the day or a spill that needs to be cleaned up, it’s vital for the health of your office that you ensure your employees have access to great water.

Serving various parts of Northern Ontario, Georgian Water and Air (GWA) is a water purification company that provides high-efficiency and high-performance water filtration systems and equipment for offices so that your water can be clean and healthy for you and your employees to enjoy. With years of experience and some of the highest-quality filters on the market, you can trust us to take great care of you and your office. Curious about learning more? Check out the water filtration systems offered by GWA today!

Invest In Your Drinking Water

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How Our Water Treatment Systems Work

Our technologically advanced water filtration systems are designed to maximize efficiency at the highest level by delivering reliable, multiphase strategies that enhance the quality of the water running out of your taps and other fixtures. At GWA, we firmly believe that good health starts with good water.

With a strong commitment to supplying offices across Ontario with high-quality drinking water, our team of experienced engineers designed a sophisticated seven-stage water filtration system with the objective of providing clean and safe drinking water and eliminating the use of plastic water bottles. The seven-stage filtration system includes:

  • Stage One: Reduces sediment particles in water
  • Stage Two: Granular activated carbon removal
  • Stage Three: Carbon block filters out herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, and pesticides
  • Stage Four: TFC membrane removes minuscule impurities, TDS, heavy metals, and germs
  • Stage Five: Ceramic eliminates 99% of E.coli bacteria and salmonella
  • Stage Six: Re-mineralizing stage in which healthy organic materials are added to balance the pH
  • Stage Seven: Carbon block that eliminates odours in water and results in a clean, fresh taste
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Why Choose Georgian Water and Air?

Since 2014, we have been providing water filtration systems for homes and businesses alike. With years of experience as a water filtration company, we are committed to providing our clients with some of the best water filtration systems in the industry. If you are a business owner who is looking to provide your employees with the cleanest water possible, working with GWA is the best way to do so. For more information about our filtration systems and the installation process, reach out to us today!

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Learn About Our Water Filtration Solutions for Offices in Ontario

At Georgian Water and Air, our top priority is ensuring that our clients have clean and fresh drinking water available to them at all times. All of our products are backed by a comprehensive 25-year performance and installation warranty. The cost of the warranty and installation is included in the service fee so that you can rest assured that your system is protected and guaranteed without the added financial stress. Interested in getting a water filtration system for your office? Check out the water purification systems from GWA and give your employees and clients the fresh-tasting water they deserve — free of additional particulates. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services or to book a consultation.

Invest In Your Drinking Water

Buy an Alkaline Water Purifier in Ottawa for Your Home

Georgian Water and Air specializes in selling and installing advanced alkaline water purification systems for residential structures such as homes, apartments, and condo complexes across Ontario. Contact us today to learn more or to place an order.

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