FAQ: Water Products

Why use a water purification system?

Water purification systems provide a healthy and environmentally sustainable water drinking alternative to drinking tap or bottled water. Tap water comes from nearby reservoirs and is then filtered and cleaned at local water treatment plants. Reservoirs are often full of bacteria and pathogens that can make their way into local water systems. Only a certain percentage of bacteria can be completely eliminated at water treatment plants. The same can be said for store-bought bottled water. Residential water purification systems are an effective solution to ensuring clean and sustainable drinking water for your family to help reduce your household’s waste output.

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis, which is commonly referred to as RO, is the process of filtering water through semi-permeable close-knit membranes to remove ions and other unwanted particulates using a highly pressurized system. Large particulates are blocked from passing through the small holes or pores of the membrane. Using an advanced reverse osmosis water filter for your home results in clean and fresh drinking water at all times.

Will carbon filtration soften my water?

No, activated carbon filters aren’t capable of softening hard water. Hard water consists of certain minerals and contaminants such as calcium, magnesium, viruses, nitrates, and fluoride that all enter into the water system at its source. Carbon filters may block many of these contaminants and filter them out of your residential water system, but small particulates can still get through, causing mild cloudiness in your water. Installing a state-of-the-art water purification system for your home ensures completely clean and safe drinking water for you and your family.

Does your system waste a lot of water?

No. Our water purification systems are designed to enhance your at-home water usage experience without increasing your water consumption. Water conservation and usage efficiency is always top of mind at Georgian Water & Air. We carry a wide selection of water filter systems for the home that are specifically engineered to advance water conservation initiatives in communities across Ontario. While some water usage is necessary to operate our filters, we’ve managed to create a uniquely efficient and sustainable water filtration system that’s engineered to remove particulate matter, dissolved solids, contaminants, and other elements without exorbitantly increasing your water usage.

You can even connect our 7-stage water filtration system directly to your refrigerator, coffee maker, or ice maker for optimal efficiency.

Why choose a water product from Georgian Water & Air?

Our advanced 7-stage water filtration system features a compact design that can easily be retrofitted under any sink or cabinet space in your home and it’s easy to install. It reduces the total dissolved solids, odour, and bad taste of your water for fresher, cleaner, and healthier drinking water. Other important features include reverse osmosis technology, a 3.8 gallon water storage tank, a designer air gap faucet, quick-connect fittings for fast and easy installation, high-capacity 7-stage filters, and durable rust and corrosion-resistant device components. We also offer a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty on all of our residential water purification systems.

Does Georgian Water & Air provide an in-home water analysis?

Yes, Georgian Water & Air provides a complimentary in-home water analysis for all of our customers across Ontario. We’ll send an experienced and knowledgeable technician to your home to perform an onsite inspection of your existing water filtration system and make appropriate water product recommendations based on their expert observations and your water filtration needs. We offer a wide range of products including water softeners and filter systems for your home.

What is hard water?

Hard water is water that has an extremely high mineral content, particularly dissolved calcium and magnesium. It’s characterized by its cloudiness and the residue it leaves behind on various surfaces in your home including glassware, dishware, metal, and even drywall. Hard water is the result of your local water supply coming in contact with chalk, gypsum, or limestone deposits in your area. These elements all contain large amounts of calcium and magnesium that can get into your drinking water and wreak havoc on the piping systems throughout your home.

Why do I need a water softener?

Installing a water softener is an entirely personal choice. While hard water isn’t necessarily unsafe to drink, it can damage the piping systems throughout your home. Hard water contains a high mineral content, specifically calcium and magnesium solid deposits. These deposits can become trapped in your water pipes and water-based appliances and cause blockages, which minimizes the efficiency of your home’s water fixtures and appliances. During the winter months, water that becomes trapped in the pipes will eventually freeze and could cause the pipes to burst. Fixing or replacing burst pipes in your home is extremely expensive and completely avoidable if you control the mineral content in your home’s water system.

What’s the difference between softening and filtering water?

The difference is in the purpose of these devices. Water softeners are designed to remove minerals that can damage the piping system of your home and wreak havoc on your water-based appliances. Water filtration and purification systems, on the other hand, aim to remove harmful bacteria and contaminants in order to provide fresh, clean, odour-free, and safe drinking water for you and your family.

What is a water filtration system?

A water filtration system is a mechanism that’s designed to filter water by removing all excess contaminants, bacteria, dissolved solids, minerals, and any other elements to boost your water drinking experience.

How do I get rid of hard water stains?

There are a number of commercial chemical-based cleaning solutions that you can use to remove hard water stains from various fixtures including tile, metal, and drywall. Check out your local hardware store for the best products. You can also make an at-home stain remover by mixing equal parts fresh water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray a generous amount of this solution on your bathtubs, toilet bowls, sinks, and faucets, or any other area that has hard water stains. Let the solution sit for about 10-15 minutes to fully break down the minerals and other elements and then gently wipe it off with a soft microfiber cloth.

What is alkaline water and where can I buy it?

Alkaline water is water that has a pH level of about 8 or 9, which makes it slightly more acidic than regular water. Regular water has a pH level of 7, which makes it neutral. Alkaline water has some great health benefits. Because it regulates your body’s pH level, some health experts believe that drinking alkaline water regularly can help prevent certain chronic health conditions and illnesses. You can buy alkaline water from certain online and brick-and-mortar retailers or you can install an alkaline water filter system for your home from Georgian Water & Air.

If you’re looking for advanced water products such as a water softener system near Barrie or anywhere else in Ontario, please feel free to contact Georgian Water & Air today to book an in-home water analysis!