Water Treatment Solutions for Offices

Water Treatment Solutions for Offices

Water coolers are a standard feature of conventional offices. They’re known as a common area for employees to gather and socialize on their breaks. You’ve probably heard the phrase “water cooler talk” many times before.

While it’s important to provide your employees with clean drinking water it’s not the only reason water treatment solutions for offices exist. Water is also instrumental in a number of other workplace applications aside from staying hydrated—most notably, hand washing and making coffee or tea in the lunchroom, which often requires the use of tap water.

Serving various parts of northern Ontario, Georgian Water and Air (GWA) provides high-efficiency and high-performance water treatment solutions and equipment for offices.

How Our Water Treatment Systems Work

Our technologically advanced water treatment systems are designed to maximize efficiency at the highest level by delivering reliable multiphase strategies that enhance the quality of the water running through your taps and other fixtures. At GWA, we firmly believe that good health starts with good water.

With a strong commitment to supplying offices across Ontario with high-quality drinking water, our team of experienced engineers designed a sophisticated 7-stage water filtration system with the objective of providing clean and safe drinking water and eliminating the use of plastic water bottles. The 7-stage filtration system includes:

  • Stage 1: Reduces sediment particulates in water
  • Stage 2: Granular activated carbon removal
  • Stage 3: Carbon block filters out herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers, and pesticides
  • Stage 4: TFC membrane removes miniscule impurities, TDS, heavy metals, and germs
  • Stage 5: Ceramic eliminates 99% of E.coli bacteria and salmonella
  • Stage 6: Re-mineralizing stage in which healthy organic materials are added to balance the pH
  • Stage 7: Carbon block that eliminates odours in water and results in a clean, fresh taste

Learn about Our Water Treatment Solutions for Offices in Ontario

At Georgian Water and Air, our top priority is ensuring that our clients have clean and fresh drinking water available to them at all times. All of our products are backed by a comprehensive 25-year performance and installation warranty. The cost of the warranty and installation are included in the service fee. So go ahead and give your employees and clients the fresh-tasting water they deserve free of additional particulates. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services or to book a consultation.