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6 Important Tips for Air Filter Maintenance at Home

With the frequent use of air filters in homes, proper air filter maintenance is crucial. A dirty filter can cause a filtration system to run harder, placing undue stress on the components as well as increasing energy consumption. This can lead to more maintenance, replacement, and higher power bills. Most importantly, an inefficient air filter can cause short- and long-term health problems.

To prevent a reduction in clean air flow and expand the life of your filtration product, there are six key tips for maintaining air filtration systems.

Clean the Filter’s Surrounding Area

Most air filtration systems have easy access to the air filter so that you can maintain cleanliness. While the filter itself collects particles, the surface areas around the filter also need to be cleaned. Use a cloth or small vacuum attachment to remove lingering dust before and after replacing the air filter.

Dispose of the Dirty Air Filter Correctly

A key factor in maintaining air filters in the home is the proper disposal of old filters. Many systems have washable filters to reduce environmental waste. For disposable filters, carefully remove the filter and place it in a garbage bag, sealing it to prevent particles from escaping into the air and on nearby surfaces.

Wash the Pre-Filters Regularly

The pre-filter traps larger air particles such as hair and pet fur. These filters are designed to prevent the smaller air filter from becoming clogged. Remove the pre-filter on a regular basis for a thorough cleaning. This is one way you can improve the quality of your air filters.

Always Look at the Indicator on Your Air Purifier/Filters

The cleaning or replacement of the air filter depends on the type and size of the filtration system. Some systems have an indicator light that will detect when a filter requires maintenance. The average manufacturer recommends replacing air filters for the home systems every 30 to 90 days.

Use a Damp Cloth to Clean Outside Parts

While the inside of an air filtration system requires regular cleaning and maintenance, the outside encasement needs regular attention. Use a damp cloth to gently remove dirt and dust that has settled on the outside parts. This will help reduce the risk of allergens from becoming airborne.

Conduct Regular Cleaning for Air Filter Maintenance

Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for regular cleaning of the home air filtration system. Various models offer a range of operating options, all of which will require attention at select time intervals. Any maintenance should be handled by a professional technician.

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